The Party Dresses That Can Make or Break You

When a childhood friend asked me to be in her wedding I smiled widely and blatantly lied about my level of excitement regarding the position. Now when you first read that statement it probably sounds unbelievably inconsiderate, but it is not meant to be. I am pleased as can be that she is marrying such a nice guy, she certainly deserves the best. I also know she will plan a wonderful event, but the thought of owning one more bridesmaid dress selected without any input from me stings. Is it too much to ask for a flattering gown that I can use again at a later date, I think not. I mean really and truly with all the beautiful party dresses available, why must brides choose dresses none of the maids is happy to wear?

In the past, and when I say past I mean thirteen weddings to date, when I have agreed to be in a bridal party the brides have sugar coated it with a promise; That assurance has always been that I will love the dress, and will definitely be able to use it for several occasions afterward. However, this has not been my experience with any of them. Instead, I have ended up in things that never suited me, even after three fittings and alterations galore. For one of them I think I spent over half of the original price of the dress over again on hemming it, reboning it, shortening sleeves, removing bows, and reattaching bows. In other words having the dress remade in order to ensure it stayed on, not that it complimented me in the first place.

Due to this history of mine, I was a bit forward, and immediately inquired about the dresses to be worn for the ceremony and reception. I may have actually clenched my fists and gritted my teeth in preparation for the bad news. Fortunately, we were only speaking on the phone so I think she may have been oblivious to my actions, still I am sure their was some trepidation in my tone. After knowing each other for a couple of decades I bet she knows me all to well, and was in no way oblivious to my concerns.

Turns out she did not let me down, and I have been reminded as to why our friendship has lasted so long. For her special day she wants her bridesmaids to wear any formal black dress of their choice. The only requirement is that no two gowns be too similar. Good golly, hot tamale finally someone is speaking my language.